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Meet the Owner

Hello!  My name is Ayana and I am the proud Owner of Sable Luxury Hair Collection.  Growing up, I noticed very early on what made me “different”.  Big eyes, dark skin, wide nose, full lips, coarse textured hair…  None of what was reflected as the beauty standard in the media.  In 2009, after years of wearing processed hair,  I decided to embrace my kinks and  “go natural”.  My newfound love for my curl pattern led me on a deeper journey to self-love.

Years later, as an entertainer, I was met with the challenge of finding ways to maintain my natural hair on stage.  I also wanted a bolder look, since I never did achieve the big 'fro I always wanted :-).  I fell in love with wigs & weaves, but longed to wear hair that looked more like my own.  I  became what I'd like to call a "Curl Curator", finding some of the best quality textured hair extensions this industry has to offer, while making sure it won't empty your purse!
We at Sable Luxury Hair Collection are happy to serve and assist you in achieving the look you desire.  Just remember to always love what makes you "different".  What you think may count you out, may actually cause you to STAND out!  Be Blessed & Stay ROYAL!